All Year Round Patio Plants To Grow as a Beginner

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Wouldn’t it be lovely to have all year round patio plants that bloom and add color to your outdoor space?

When choosing a plant for the patio, the majority pick seasonal blooms that only produce flowers during the summer months.

In truth, plenty of plants showcase their beauty all year, whether you plant them in the ground or in containers.

Annuals vs. Perennials

Since a patio is part of your home, you want to make it as cozy as possible.

And what better way to do it than by adding beautiful plants?

Choosing to plant in pots will provide you with more freedom and versatility when it comes to the arrangement.

You’ll have plenty of plant species and varieties to choose from, and you can grow annuals or perennials, depending on your preferences.

What Are Annuals?

Annual plants only survive for one growing season and then die.

Despite its short lifespan, what you’ll like about this plant variety is its extended blooming season.

These plants come in bright and showy colors that add splashes of brilliant hues to any outdoor space.

What Are Perennials?

Perennial plants are the types that regrow every spring season but with a shorter blooming period.

These plants can live for over three growing seasons, with varieties that survive in the sun and shade.

When the cold weather starts to manifest, most gardeners take the necessary action for their outdoor plants.

They would either propagate, grow the plants as houseplants, or transfer them into the ground.

More often than not, though, they discard the plant since they will not survive the cold.

Can Perennials Survive in Containers?

Even when planted in containers, perennials and shrubs can survive for many years, allowing you to save on effort, money, and time.

These plants provide year-round blooms depending on your chosen variety, giving you consistency and reliability.

Keep in mind, however, that a plant grown in a container grows differently from one planted in the ground.

While growing in containers provides excellent drainage, it is dependent on you for its nutrients and water.

All Year Round Patio Plants

Finding plants that can thrive all year may seem overwhelming at first, but it really isn’t.

You will find plenty of available options, whether you plan to plant them in-ground or in pots.

Here are some of the best patio plants to add color to your outdoor space all year:

Winter-Friendly Evergreens

Some plants can spruce up your space and add life to your patio even during the winter season.

Here are some of our best picks:

Japanese Yew

Usually found in Eastern Asia and North America, Japanese yew is a drought-tolerant plant that can survive well under full or partial sunlight.

It is an evergreen available in different varieties and sizes that you can plant in groups and use as a hedge along patio borders.

You can shear its dense foliage if you want a neat and formal look or aim for an informal look by allowing it to grow naturally.

Potted Blue Spruce

The Colorado blue spruce is commonly identified with holiday decorating and grown as a Christmas tree.

When planted outdoors, this fast-growing plant can grow up to 70 feet tall, showcasing silvery-blue needles.

It is a hardy tree that requires full sunlight and plenty of water.

One way to make sure it receives enough water is to put a sponge over the drain hole so that it can hold moisture for longer.

Boxwood Hedge

Boxwood hedge is popular among garden designers, using it as a topiary.

It is best used in front of your patio because it needs full sun to thrive.

With its different shapes and sizes, this versatile shrub can bring color and structure to your surroundings.

It has rounded or lance-shaped foliage that feels leathery to the touch.

These leaves grow opposite each other in shades of darker blue-green or pale green.

English Boxwood

English boxwood is a small and slow-growing evergreen shrub with yellow-green leaves.

It grows up to two feet in height and width and is the perfect plant for pathway edging and borders.

Alternatively, you can place it in a container to decorate your deck or patio.

Also called the True Dwarf Boxwood, this versatile shrub requires full sun exposure and watering twice a week to thrive.

Wheeler’s Dwarf Japanese Mock Orange

The Wheeler’s Dwarf Japanese Mock Orange is best used as a groundcover with its orange-colored and small scented flowers.

It thrives under partial to full sun, growing up to three feet tall and five feet wide.

The best part? It remains dark green even in the winter.

You can prune this low-maintenance shrub anytime to provide a delicate texture to your outdoor landscape.

list of all year round patio plants

Flowering Plants

To add color to your patio and garden, here are some of the best flowering plants that can thrive year-round.


During late fall, Bergenia, also known as Winter Glow, produces dark pink flowers with thick red stems.

Then, once winter hits, the deep green flowers turn into a dark-bronze red, providing color during the cold season.

Bergenia is a low-maintenance and easy-to-grow perennial that is perfect for beginners.


Cyclamen is a frost-hardy plant with delicate white and rosy pink blooms suitable for pot planting.

This fall-flowering bulb starts to bloom once the temperature drops, producing twisted petals with a splash of magenta.

It becomes dormant during the dry months of summer and will start to produce its honey-scented blooms in the fall.

Camellia Hybrids

Camellia Hybrid is an evergreen shrub known as the Queens of Winter Flowers.

It produces beautiful magenta, pink, and salmon-colored flowers, providing a splash of color in a rather dull garden in winter.

You’ll also like that it comes in different varieties and can handle low light.

Given the right growing conditions, it usually blooms from the start of late winter up to mid-spring.

Fuldaglut Sedum

Fuldaglut Sedum has tiny foliage that can complement other plants and adds a splash of color.

It comes with delicately scalloped leaves that change hues from dark green to bronze-red or burgundy during winter.

The plant multiplies even in poor soil and is typically used as a groundcover that thrives outdoors.

Japanese Pieris

Japanese Pieris, sometimes called lily-of-the-valley or fetterbush, is a slow-growing evergreen shrub that grows in mountain thickets.

It has pink or white inflorescences, with pink or dark red buds appearing throughout fall and winter.

The foliage changes colors throughout the year, from green to greenish-yellow and bronze-red to purple.

Sweet Pea

Sweet pea is a cool-season favorite that quickly grows from seed.

It’s a traditional garden flower that comes in different varieties and colors.

You will find vining annual or cold-hardy perennial varieties.

The explorer sweet pea can grow up to three feet tall.

Some gardeners use it as a groundcover or plant it on beds and borders with vertical climbing vines.


Petunia is a perennial but is grown as an annual that you can plant in beds, hanging baskets, or pots and placed under the sun.

It produces blooms in every color, from pale pastels to black and even the elusive blue.

Some only have one color with a contrasting shade around its edges.

This easy-to-please plant comes in different varieties and sizes.


Sunflower is a common annual plant available in different varieties that are easy to grow from its seed.

There are tall and tiny varieties that come in unexpected colors.

When growing sunflower, make sure you plant it in well-draining soil and exposed to full sun.

Some varieties can grow up to 15 feet high; others have a stem as short as 16 inches.


Verbena is an annual plant with excellent heat tolerance and extended blooms.

It thrives on containers, hanging baskets, or bed edges.

The five-petal Verbena flower is small and typically comes in different shades of blue, white, purple, or pink.

Planted in well-draining soil, this drought-resistant plant will thrive in full or partial sun.

Mix and Match Patio Plants

These all year round patio plants are sure to add a touch of life and color to your outdoor space.

You can choose to plant them in decorative containers or let them flourish in the ground along with other greeneries.

Before deciding on a plant variety, ensure that you know how to care for it and that it is suitable in your location.

Also, make sure to group plants with similar care requirements concerning sun exposure, air circulation, and watering needs.

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