Best Patio Furniture Covers of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Having a patio is not enough. It requires various outdoor furniture for your comfort and convenience.

You’ll likely want to protect them from the natural elements, though.

Even premium quality patio furniture pieces are still vulnerable to being battered by the weather.

Hence, allow us to share the best patio furniture covers in the market today.

We will also share a buyer’s guide and answer FAQs to help you make a more informed purchase decision.

Best Patio Furniture Covers: A Review

1. Tempera Patio Furniture Set Cover

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Based in Canada, Tempera is a company specializing in sunshades.

In fact, they have been Starbucks’ patio umbrella provider since 1995.

Aside from their shades, they have expanded their product selections to patio covers.

They currently have two: the Tempera Patio Table Cover and the Tempera Furniture Set Cover (which we are going to review today).

The main difference between the two is their shape. 

The Tempera Patio Table Cover is circular, while the Tempera Patio Furniture Set Cover is rectangular.

Both are available in a wide range of sizes, and your preferred size will determine its price.

Product Highlights

The Tempera Patio Furniture Set Cover is available in two color variants: black and taupe.

Its size ranges from 48″L x 48″W x 27.8″H to 128″L x 82″W x 27.8″H.

They should fit most outdoor sectional furniture sets or rectangular table and chair sets.

It is made from a high-quality polyurethane material with waterproof backing.

This makes it both durable and convenient to clean; in fact, it doesn’t require washing.

Cleaning can be done by simply wiping it with a soft cloth.

The Good

The Tempera Patio Furniture Set Cover has four click-close straps that secure the cover even amidst harsh weather.

The elastic hem cord that goes around the cover further tightens its hold to provide more protection to your furniture.

The built-in air vent doesn’t only ensure ventilation and ward off mold growth, but also allows better air passage and prevents tearing during strong winds.

There are also added handles that make the cover easier to install and remove.

Finally, we love that Tempera offers a one-year warranty.

The Bad

The only downside to this patio cover is that it’s not completely impervious to water.

You can expect some moisture to seep through during extremely wet conditions.

Hence, we don’t recommend it if you live in an area that experiences extreme winters.


  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to use
  • Secures tightly
  • One-year warranty included


  • Not completely waterproof

2. CKCLUU Outdoor Furniture Sectional Set Cover

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Our lineup will not be complete if we don’t feature the current #1 best seller in patio furniture set covers.

Unlike the previous company, CKCLUU specializes in patio furniture set covers. They offer a wide variety of them through online retailers.

We’d like to focus on their best-selling product, though. It is available in different sizes that will determine its cost.

We’ve found all sizes to be more affordable than other patio covers with the same dimensions and quality.

Product Highlights

CKCLUU Outdoor Furniture Sectional Set Cover comes in two color variants: black and gray.

The sizes range from 78″ L x 62″ W x 30″ H to 126″ L x 63″ W x 28″ H.

This patio furniture set cover is designed to go over sectional patio sofa sets but it can also fit rectangular table and chair sets.

It is made of polyester fabric treated with a waterproof PVC coating.

While the cover only needs a wiping down to clean, it does require you to put a round object in between the furniture surface and the cover to raise it and prevent water and debris from collecting.

The Good

This patio cover comes with easy click-close buckles and an adjustable hem for a tight wind-proof fit.

It also has four handles, making it quick to put on or remove.

Mesh air vents are built into this cover to prevent mold growth, foul odor, and wind lifting during harsher weather conditions.

We also love that CKCLUU ensures that its products are environmentally friendly.

The Bad

Unfortunately, no warranty information was included in the product description.

We have also found its fabric not as thick and durable as other patio furniture covers we’ve used in the past.


  • Convenient to use
  • Secures tightly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable


  • No warranty indicated
  • Not very durable

3. Essort Patio Furniture Set Cover

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Essort offers a wide variety of home accessories for both indoor and outdoor use.

Their patio collection includes patio furniture covers, umbrellas, and grow bags just to name a few.

Their patio cover series include a chair cover, clothesline cover, ping pong table cover, and of course the product that we are going to review today一the Essort Patio Furniture Set Cover.

It is available in a wide range of sizes, and all of them are more affordable than similar products from other brands.

Product Highlights

This cover only comes in black, but its sizes range from 48.4” x 48.4” x 29” to 124” x 63”x 29”.

You can also choose between variants made of thickened Oxford fabric or a style with handles included.

Otherwise, you will receive a patio furniture set cover made with polyester fabric and PVC inner waterproof lining without handles.

Unlike the previous covers, the Essort Patio Furniture Set Cover will require light rinsing to clean.

Also, don’t forget to pat it dry with a soft rag.

Essort also suggests placing a round object between the furniture surface and the cover to prevent water and dirt from accumulating at its lowest points.

The Good

We really appreciate the fact that we can upgrade to a more durable and waterproof thickened Oxford material.

Dry regions don’t necessarily require such features, after all.

Aside from that, this material is also UV-proof, cold-proof, anti-corrosive, and high temperature-resistant.

This patio furniture cover comes with four snap buckles and an adjustable drawstring that will keep it tight and secure around your furniture amidst windy conditions.

Finally, it comes with a free zippered storage bag.

The Bad

We don’t recommend getting the non-upgraded variant. It is not very durable.

This patio cover also doesn’t come with a mesh vent.

No warranty information was mentioned in the product description.


  • Secures tightly
  • Upgradable
  • Free storage bag included
  • Affordable


  • No mesh air vents
  • No warranty indicated
  • Not very durable

4. King Do Way Patio Furniture Cover

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King Do Way specializes in selling lifestyle products and other related home goods.

This includes outdoor furniture covers like parasol covers, grill covers, and of course, the product that we’re going to feature today: the King Do Way Patio Furniture Cover.

The dimensions available are limited compared to other covers. It also doesn’t come in a color variant other than black.

However, it is one of the most affordable covers available in the market right now.

Product Highlights

This patio cover is available in dimensions 43″x 43″ x 27″ to 110″ x 80″ x 41″.

While it’s designed to be rectangular, it can also cover circular furniture and irregularly shaped patio furniture.

This patio cover is made of a three-layered material: polyester fabric, PVC coating, and UV coating.

It makes the cover dust-proof, UV-resistant, and waterproof.

It also has an adjustable rope that runs through the cover for a tighter and more secure fit.

Only light rinsing is needed for the maintenance of this patio furniture cover.

The Good

We really like that it comes with its own zippered storage bag.

It’s also laminated which makes it tear-resistant.

The Bad

Unfortunately, it lacks some features. It doesn’t come with a handle and mesh air vents.

No product warranty was also indicated.


  • Secures tightly
  • Free storage bag included
  • Very affordable
  • Durable


  • No handles included
  • No mesh air vents
  • No warranty indicated

5. Vailge Veranda Rectangular Patio Table Cover

Vailge specializes in manufacturing textile goods, such as bed covers, table covers, and yes, even outdoor furniture covers.

The Vailge Veranda Rectangular Patio Table Cover is marketed towards families and is priced mid-range.

Product Highlights

This patio furniture cover comes in two color variants: two-toned beige and brown, and plain gray. It also comes in two sizes: large and extra-large.

Please note, though, that it is not designed as a furniture set cover.

Hence, expect the dimensions only to be enough to fit your outdoor table, but you can purchase matching outdoor chair covers from Vailge separately.

They have an entire collection of outdoor furniture covers in the same style.

The series of products includes high back chair covers, round table covers, coffee table covers, and grill covers.

Going back to the featured product, this cover is made of 100% 600D Oxford fabric with UV-stabilized and water-resistant clothing.

Finally, it is easy to maintain and only requires soft brushing regularly. No machine washing, dry cleaning, nor light rinsing.

The Good

We love that this patio furniture cover has padded handles for easy installation and removal.

It also has an elastic hem cord with adjustable toggles and click-close straps that secures it to your outdoor table regardless of the strong winds.

The air vent seeks to reduce condensation, prevent mold growth, and decrease the likelihood of mold growth.

Lastly, we like the effect of the two-toned design. It’s unique and adds an elegant touch compared to the usual black color of patio furniture covers.

The Bad

Unfortunately, it would have been more economical if Vailge offered a furniture set cover.

In this way, you won’t have to purchase extra chair covers anymore since they will conveniently fit within a single cover already.

No product warranty was also mentioned.


  • Convenient to use
  • Secures tightly
  • Elegant design
  • Very durable


  • Only two sizes available
  • Only covers outdoor table
  • No warranty indicated

Buyer’s Guide

You probably have a preferred product from our lineup already.

Still, we suggest reading our quick buyer’s guide to help you determine the factors to consider before buying an outdoor furniture cover.


The first thing that you need to consider when buying any outdoor furniture cover is its size. After all, it should be able to fit your needs.

Take note if the cover will be able to fit a single item or a furniture set, with your chairs included.

We highly recommend getting a cover that is at least several inches bigger than your furniture or furniture set all around.

Most covers come with an elastic that you can easily adjust to size anyway.

Weather Resistance

Another important factor is the weather resistance of the cover material.

At the very least, you’ll want to get a waterproof and UV-resistant textile so that your furniture cover won’t easily fade.

It will offer more protection to your outdoor furniture as well.

Please keep in mind that water resistance and waterproofing are not the same.

Water resistance means that moisture will mostly roll off the fabric, but it is not completely impervious to water.

On the other hand, waterproof means that the material is treated with a layer that won’t permit seeping.

If installed incorrectly, water will only collect on the material but should not seep through.

Securing Mechanism

Your outdoor furniture cover must stay put after installation.

Snap buckles and adjustable elastics are necessary for a tighter and secure fit.


Patio covers usually come in big and bulky dimensions, making them challenging to clean.

Hence, it is recommended to get one that only requires minimal dusting or rinsing.

Some covers also require steaming to remove creases, but not all of them.

Other Features

We also recommend looking into other features like handles and air vents.

Handles and a free storage bag will make the cover more convenient to use while air vents offer mold protection and added windproofing.

Best Patio Furniture Covers FAQs

1. Should I Cover My Outdoor Patio Furniture?

Yes, you should definitely cover your outdoor patio furniture.

Doing so will prolong their use since the cover prevents water damage, corrosion, and fading due to UV exposure.

2. What Can I Use To Cover Patio Furniture?

You can use a ready-made outdoor patio furniture cover for more convenience.

It will come with buckles and adjustable elastics that allow easy installation.

It will also look more stylish than just throwing an old sheet over your furniture pieces.

Otherwise, you can use wide canvas sheets and other thick and waterproof materials as a makeshift cover.

3. Can I Use a Tarp To Cover Patio Furniture?

Yes, you can. A wide tarpaulin sheet can serve as a DIY outdoor furniture cover.

We recommend using one with eyelets so you can easily tie an elastic cord around it if needed.

You can also use stakes to secure it to the ground and prevent it from getting blown away during harsh winds.

4. Can You Leave Outdoor Furniture Outside in the Winter?

Synthetic wicker and treated patio furniture can survive outside even during the winter.

Non-waterproof and non-corrosive furniture pieces will need proper furniture covers to prevent potential damage.

5. Should I Cover My Patio Furniture Every Night?

It’s okay to leave your patio furniture uncovered for a few nights, especially if you don’t expect rain or snow.

Keep in mind, though, that leaving it uncovered for an entire season, even if it’s during the summer, can cause lasting damage.

Keeping your patio furniture covered unless it’s in use remains the best way to protect your investment.

Final Recommendations

We highly recommend any of the covers we featured above, but our favorite has got to be the Tempera Patio Furniture Set Cover.

It might be a little bit pricey than the other covers in our lineup but we appreciate its size and durability.

You won’t have to purchase multiple covers anymore since a single cover can accommodate your furniture set already.

Their history with Starbucks and other companies provides us added peace of mind that our investment would be worth it.

Finally, we also like the fact that it comes with a warranty.

If you don’t need something to cover your entire furniture set, then we also suggest looking into the Vailge Veranda Rectangular Patio Table Cover

Its two-tone design will surely make your patio look more beautiful even if your furniture pieces are covered.

We also like the premium materials that this cover is made of.

In the end, though, the decision will still boil down to your needs and preferences.

Feel free to look into other patio furniture covers using our buyer’s guide as a reference. Good luck!

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