Best Patio Swings of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Looking for the best new addition to your front porch? Want a cozy spot to relax at, just outside your home?

With the best patio swing, you’ll be able to do just that.

We found some durable, high-quality swings that will surely keep you comfortable as you spend some time outdoors.

Best Patio Swing Reviews

1. Best Choice Products Outdoor Swing

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The Best Choice Products Outdoor Swing combines durability, versatility, and timelessness in one.

This patio swing is a great option for anyone who values companionship.

With its three-seater design, it’s the perfect spot for casual hangouts or late-night talks with friends or family.

Product Highlights

Best Choice Products promises high-quality standards above all else, and in that department, this outdoor swing certainly delivers.

It is built from powder-coated alloy steel, making it a safe and sturdy fixture outside your home.

The swing comes with its own steel frame, which means you can place it anywhere, from your porch to your garden or backyard.

It also comes with an adjustable canopy that you can adjust up to 45 degrees forward or backward, ensuring your safety from the sun’s harmful rays.

This polyester canopy is weather-resistant, too, so you’ll be in good hands, rain or shine.

What’s more, the bench itself uses Textilene fabric for a cool, breathable surface that won’t leave you sweaty during the summer’s sweltering heat.

Since it’s weather- and tear-resistant, you can rest assured that it’s going to last long, regardless of the weather.

The best part? This swing set can seat up to three people comfortably!

With a capacity of 550 pounds, having the swing strain under your weight is the least of your worries.

The Good

Coming with a steel frame, the swing offers versatility that no wooden patio swing can offer.

You won’t need a sturdy ceiling beam just to have this installed; just have a spot that can accommodate it, and you’re good to go.

Its adjustable canopy is also a strong suit, as it offers sun and rain protection for the swing.

The Bad

The steel frame is a huge plus, but it can make the swing too bulky, especially if you don’t have a spacious garden or backyard.

This may take up too much space if you’re planning to put it in your porch or patio.


  • Comes with a steel frame
  • Added canopy for sun protection
  • Spacious, with a decent weight capacity
  • Breathable cushion


  • Can be too bulky
  • Not as aesthetically appealing as wooden swings

2. Kozyard Alicia Patio Swing Chair

This patio swing chair from Kozyard LLC features fun colors anyone would love!

With its three-seater capacity, it’s certainly something your kids will enjoy using.

Product Highlights

The Kozyard Alicia Patio Swing Chair comes with its own powder-coated metal frame, so you’re free to place it even in your backyard or garden.

You can also be sure that it’s stable as it’s engineered with a triangular base for added durability, while also providing the swing with a unique, aesthetic finish.

It also has its own canopy, which you can adjust freely through the added controller.

You can spend hours outside and not worry about the weather, thanks to the swing’s weather- and water-resistant canopy.

Speaking of water resistance, the swing cushion is also covered with water- and fade-resistant fabric, so you’re sure that this swing will look brand new even after some time.

You can safely keep it outside, too, without worrying that the cushion will get ruined when it rains.

Lastly, this swing can seat up to three people!

With a maximum weight of 300 pounds at a time, this is the perfect bonding spot for you and your kids while they grow up.

The Good

Coming with its own metal frame and canopy, you can place this swing anywhere at home, as long as you have enough space to accommodate it.

The Bad

This swing can only handle a total of 300 pounds at a time.

That means this may not be the perfect choice for three full-grown adults, as the swing may not be able to accommodate all of them.


  • Comes with own metal frame
  • Weather-resistant canopy and frame
  • Adjustable canopy for use outdoors
  • Can accommodate three people at a time


  • Maybe too bulky for cramped porches or patios
  • Low weight capacity
  • May not comfortably seat three people

3. Goldsun Outdoor Patio Swing

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This patio swing from Goldsun is both versatile and stable; we’re sure you’ll love it!

This swing is designed for your utmost comfort. It features a durable metal frame that supports up to three people, along with two utility trays at the side for holding food and drinks during a relaxing day outside

Product Highlights

The Goldsun Outdoor Patio Swing comes with its own weather-resistant metal frame, designed with a triangular base for maximum stability.

It also makes use of heavy springs to connect the chair to the frame for a smooth, gentle rocking motion.

This swing can seat up to three people and supports up to 500 pounds at a time.

What’s more, you’ll find trays for holding your food and drinks on both sides.

This makes for the perfect spot to lounge about with friends or family during a great day outside.

You also won’t have to worry about the weather too much thanks to the adjustable canopy that provides you optimal shade and protection from both the sun and the rain.

For extra comfort, this swing also comes with polyester cushions that are perfectly easy to wash, in case of stains.

These cushions are also removable, so you can store them inside the house when not in use.

The Good

This swing is completely innovative, with the inclusion of two utility trays to hold your food and drinks when you want to relax outside.

The three-seater capacity is also a good plus, with a reasonable maximum capacity of 500 pounds to seat three full-grown adults.

A removable cushion is also a plus, as you can make the cushions last longer if you can put them inside when not in use.

The Bad

The swing’s cushions are neither fade- nor water-resistant, so you have to be extra careful when using them when it’s raining.

The utility trays, while useful, may also take up added space in your porch or patio.

This swing, therefore, may be too bulky if you don’t have a spacious spot to put it in.


  • Comes with two utility trays for food and drinks
  • Removable cushions
  • Adjustable, weather-proof canopy
  • Seats three people
  • Reasonable weight capacity


  • Maybe too bulky
  • Cushions not resistant to tears and water

4. CAF Heavy Duty Porch Swing

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If you’re looking for a classic wooden swing, this porch swing from CAF is perfect for you.

Made from treated pine, then finished in a cedar tone stain, the CAF Heavy Duty Porch Swing will certainly add beauty and elegance to your home.

Product Highlights

This wooden swing boasts Authentic Amish craftsmanship.

It’s made up of one-inch thick slats, each attached using screws.

It’s also spacious enough to seat two people, and the spaces between each slat ensure breathability for its users.

What’s more, these slats don’t have sharp edges, ensuring your safety.

This swing is made with your comfort in mind. It has a rollback design that contours to your body, so you feel nothing but comfort as you go swinging.

This swing even comes with armrests, as well as cupholders on both sides for storing your favorite drink.

Lastly, this swing comes with hanging chains, which complement, and even cement its elegant and timeless look.

The Good

You simply can’t deny the beauty of this wooden swing.

The cup holders on each side are also a nice touch, adding extra utility to the swing without compromising its comfortability.

The wooden slats are also wonderfully spaced out, so there’s plenty of room for air to circulate in.

Swinging here will definitely leave you feeling fresh and cool!

The Bad

Since this is a wooden swing, it doesn’t come with its own frame for assembly.

You have to make sure you have a strong ceiling beam to hang this from.

If you want some hangers and comfort springs for the swing, you’ll need to buy them separately, too.

The swing, unfortunately, only comes with chains for hanging.


  • Beautiful, timeless design
  • Durable, as it’s made from wood
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Comes with a cup holder on each side
  • Spacious for two people


  • Doesn’t have a frame, hangers, and comfort springs
  • Cup holders are a bit small
  • No cushion

5. Purple Leaf Outdoor Porch Swing

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Made to seat two people, this swing from Purple Leaf is a great find if you’re looking to spend some intimate, quality time with someone else.

Thanks to its durability, this swing will surely be the perfect leisure spot for years to come.

Product Highlights

This swing is made with a durable, powder-coated, and rust-resistant steel frame.

It’s quite heavy-duty, too, and can support up to 600 pounds at a time. It is surely built to last you a long time!

It’s also weather-resistant, coming with a breathable, UV-, water-, and fade-resistant canopy to protect you from the sun all day long.

This canopy is adjustable, and even removable if you want to soak in some sunlight now and then.

This swing also comes with soft cushions, as well as multifunctional side tables.

That means it has everything you need for some relaxing time outside.

At night, this swing can also amp up the warmth and ambiance with its built-in solar lights.

The best part? Purple Leaf offers a one-year warranty. You’ll surely get your money’s worth with this porch swing!

The Good

This swing comes with its own rust-resistant metal frame, meaning it can last a long time, even when left outside.

The cushions are removable, too, so you can keep them inside when not in use for added longevity.

It also helps that the canopy is removable, making the swing set less bulky, especially if you’re placing it in an enclosed area with ample shade already.

The foldable side trays are also a great addition. They won’t take up space at the side, but they’ll be free to use when needed.

The included solar lights are quite innovative, too; not a lot of swing sets offer the same feature for their products.

The Bad

The swing only seats two people, so you may have to buy a different variant from the brand if you want a bigger, more spacious set.


  • Durable metal frame
  • Removable, weather-resistant canopy
  • Soft, removable cushions
  • Includes two foldable side trays
  • Has extra solar lights
  • Can support up to 600 pounds
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Can only seat two people at a time
  • Cushions are not water-resistant

Buyer’s Guide

To choose the best patio swing for your home, below are a few things you may want to consider.

Comfort and Durability

Since the main purpose of your swing is for relaxing, you’d want something you’ll be comfortable spending time in.

Look for a swing that doesn’t feel hard on your back, and won’t dig onto your thighs after a long time of sitting.

However, this goes hand-in-hand with the need for durability.

A swing will support your weight for a long time, so steer clear from flimsy ones.

Check if they come with extra bolts or locks for added safety. Make sure the chains are strong and can hold your weight, too.


Consider how many people will use the swing. You wouldn’t want to buy a single-seater swing, when you’re sure your partner, kids, or siblings will use the swing, too.

Rather, invest in a swing that’s roomy and spacious enough to fit your needs.

Along with this consideration, you have to check if your porch or patio can accommodate your chosen swing.

You have to leave some room in front, at the back, and on the sides of the swing.

Confirm if you can easily position it in the spot of your choice.

Materials Used

Yes, we want our swing to be beautiful but not at the expense of everything else.

Make sure to choose a material you like; one that’s both pretty and functional at the same time.

If you’re considering buying a swing made from wood, make sure that the wood is resistant to rot and decay.

Being resistant to water, fungi, and insects is also a good bonus.

For metal swings, check if it’s rust-resistant, too. Rusting can make the swing fragile and unsafe, so this is something you’d want to double-check.


1. What Is the Best Wood for a Porch Swing?

There are a lot of viable wood options for a porch swing: cedar, teak, cypress, and treated pine, and each have their own pros and cons.

Of these, though, cedar and teak are the best wood choices for a porch swing.

Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. It also repels water, which will certainly prolong the longevity of your swing.

It also helps that cedar, particularly red cedar, is naturally beautiful, which makes for an elegant wooden swing.

Teak, on the other hand, has a natural resistance to water, mildew, fungus, and most wood-eating insects.

What’s more, it’s low maintenance and has a high amount of natural oils.

Meaning, it doesn’t need varnish or other preservatives for added protection.

2. How Do I Stop My Porch Swing From Squeaking?

If your porch swing is squeaking, it’s probably because its metal parts are rubbing together.

To address this, you may try to simply clean your swing’s hooks or mounting hardware to get rid of whatever is causing friction.

If this sounds like too much work, you may simply use a lubricant to reduce the friction when the metal parts are moving or rubbing together.

Using rubber in between the metal parts may also reduce creaking and squeaking.

3. How Much Room Should You Have Behind a Porch Swing?

The perfect spot for your porch swing should have sufficient space in front and at the back for the swing to move, without hitting anything.

Generally, allotting three to four feet behind your porch swing should be enough.

4. Can My Porch Support a Swing?

To know if your porch can support a swing, you have to check your porch ceiling.

Porch swings, as well as the people who will use them, can be a bit too heavy, so you have to make sure your ceiling beams can support the added weight without breaking.

As a rule of thumb, a 2×8 joist or beam can best support the load.

If you only have a 2×6, that should be enough support, as well.

Anything smaller or thinner might break under pressure, and thus need additional scaffolding to support a swing.

5. How Deep Should a Porch Be for a Swing?

The ideal porch depth to accommodate a swing is around eight feet.

That ensures you have enough allowance at either side of the swing, which usually comes at a size of four feet.

If you want a smaller swing, you can add other elements to your porch to make it cozier and homier, too!

Having an eight-foot porch depth also allows you to accommodate slightly bigger swing benches without any problem.

What Is the Best Patio Swing To Buy?

You definitely won’t go wrong with any of the best patio swings we’ve listed above.

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of comfortability, durability, versatility, and beauty, though, what stands out the most is the Purple Leaf Outdoor Porch Swing.

This swing nails it in every department. It even comes with a one-year warranty, which guarantees you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

The best part? If you fancy a three-seater swing, you can simply buy the brand’s three-seater variant of the Outdoor Porch Swing.

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