How to Secure Patio Furniture from Theft

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Wondering how to secure patio furniture from theft? The unfortunate reality is that thieves will steal anything that can produce a payday.

You really wouldn’t think it to be the case, but patio furniture often goes missing.

If you want to stop thieves from absconding with your patio furniture, check out the following tips on how to secure patio furniture.

How to Secure Patio Furniture from Theft

Bolt Furniture Down

One of the absolute best ways to secure your patio furniture from theft is to bolt it all down. This is an excellent method to use if you have wooden patio furniture and a wooden deck. This way, you can drill holes through everything and then secure it in place with bolts.

However, this method is not ideal for metal furniture, as it is too hard to drill through. It won’t work well for plastic either, as plastic will most likely crack and splinter if you try to drill it.

Use Thick Chains

Although not too appealing visually, if you really want to secure everything in place, using some thick steel chains is an excellent way to go.

Sure, thick steel chains and high-quality padlocks aren’t exactly good looking, but that said, they are durable and secure.

If you lock everything up with thick and high-quality components, a thief would have to use bolt cutters or even bigger tools to steal your patio furniture.

That said, if the thought of huge chains everywhere doesn’t appeal to you, the next method will probably be better.

Using Steel Wire or Bike Locks

If you want to lock your furniture down but don’t want to use big chains, you can also choose to use much smaller and thinner steel wire steel cables made of many thin wires spun together. These are nearly impossible to break, even with bolt cutters.

Moreover, they are much smaller than chains, so they look better. These steel wires, which can come in the form of bike locks, are easy to use, and they won’t ruin the aesthetics.

Get a Motion Sensor and Security Camera

The above methods work fine to secure patio furniture, as long as you don’t mind either drilling holes for bolts or having unseemly wires or cables around.

However, suppose you prefer not to damage furniture or ruin your patio’s look. In that case, another way is to get motion sensors and security cameras.

Although thieves may still be able to get away with some furniture, the combination of motion sensors and cameras will alert you to their presence. This way, even if you don’t catch them in the act (if you aren’t home), you will have them on camera to show the local police.

How to Secure Patio Furniture from Theft

Put the Dog Outside

One of the simplest ways to make sure that nobody runs off with your patio furniture is to put the dog outside granted, this means that you need a dog!

Either way, it is a proven fact that thieves usually don’t mess with houses with dogs, even small dogs. It’s not necessarily the size or the intimidation factor, but the noise.

A dog that is barking will scare away even the bravest of thieves. They don’t need that kind of attention.

Build a Good Fence

You can also help stop thieves from pillaging your patio set to build a sturdy fence around your patio.

Simply put, if thieves cannot see the patio furniture, they won’t steal it. They might try to climb the fence, but this requires more effort than many crooks are willing to put out.

Put it in Storage When Not in Use

You can also stop patio furniture theft by putting it in storage when not in use. We realize that this may not always be possible.

However, that said, keeping your valuables in a locked room, even a garage, is a great way to stop them from going missing.

It’s just another layer of protection. You have to put the furniture away after every use, but at least it will still be there the next time you need it.


As you can see, there are many methods to secure your patio furniture against theft. We would recommend combining the above methods, particularly the motion sensor, a dog, a good fence, and steel wires and locks.

Remember, none of these methods is 100% thief-proof on their own, so we would use a combination of them. Thieves can be really sneaky, so you need to out-think them.

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